New antitumor drug for Prostate Cancer

It halts metastasis and drug resistance; these are the two big problems overcome by a new antitumor drug for prostate cancer.

The drug known as DpC inhibits prostate-specific antigen (PSA), in addition to suppressing both androgen-dependent and independent androgen receptor signalling arms.

Another important aspect of the paper was the discovery that DpC could significantly reduce the expression of the well-known prostate-specific antigen specific indicator – PSA.

Novel Drug Target For Pancreatic Cancer

A new target drug, a protein called PPP1R1B, blocks the deadly spread of pancreatic cancer when inhibited in mice.

Scientists have created mice with pancreatic tumors that do not produce HIF1A. It was the levels of a protein called PPP1R1B that made the tumors more aggressive.

So they continue with drug screenings that try to identify compounds that inhibit PPP1R1B.