Polypharma is your partner for a complete service in the production of generic drugs

and supply of pharmaceutical raw material


For 30 years, Polypharma has been advising and supporting companies in East, West and North Africa and the Middle East in the production of generic drugs.

We operate with existing companies or companies in construction. Thanks to our know-how, we advise manufacturers wishing to expand their range of generics or investors looking for a partner who will be able to guide them.

In addition, Polypharma assists its partners with dossier development, registrations, negotiations with authorities and provides assistance on location.

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Product range of over 200 generic drug dossiers

Our product portfolio comprises more than 200 generic drug dossiers from the following areas:

New molecules

In close cooperation with its partners and start-ups, Polypharma is constantly looking for new molecules for the manufacture of:

  • generics,
  • food supplements and
  • biosimilars

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Support for investors in Africa and the Middle East in the production of generic drugs

In order to enable African and Middle Eastern countries to reduce imports of expensive (often counterfeit) medicines, Polypharma supports local entrepreneurs and investors in setting up their own production facilities.
Our 360° service includes market analyses, feasibility studies, advice on the choice of a generic product portfolio and production facilities. We also guarantee the supply of pharmaceutical raw materials.

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Supply of pharmaceutical raw materials for Africa and the Middle East

Our raw materials are produced by internationally renowned manufacturers. We develop and use new synthesis methods in order to be more competitive and ensure the best quality.

We supply all the raw materials included in our dossiers, and many more, and advise you on specific effects and pharmaceutical compositions. Depending on your requirements, we can adapt the formulation of our technical dossiers by adapting the excipients.

For more information, please click on the following link: deliveries of pharmaceutical raw materials

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