Laboratory supplies

Generic drug laboratory supplies such as HPLC columns and reagents

As part of our 360° service, we also support generic drug manufacturers from Africa and the Middle East with laboratory materials mentioned in our dossiers such as:

  • SCRs,
  • reagents,
  • analytical columns,
  • SPE cartridges,
  • bulk packing material and
  • TLC plates

Representative for HPLC columns in Germany and North Africa

Since 2015, we have been the representative for HPLC columns in Germany and North Africa. Our column portfolio includes column types in different lengths, with various particle sizes and inner diameters, depending on the analytical method and product investigation. Depending on the area of application, we offer pore sizes of 60Å and 100Å. In addition to standard HPLC columns and any other conceivable column mentioned in the pharmacopoeias, UPLC columns are also part of our product range.

Adapted to the special field of application, all common C8 and C18 columns can be replaced by four different types. Of course, we are at your disposal for all questions concerning column chromatography.

Bulk packing material

Following resins are available for the utilisation in analytical development or process scale purification:

  • Alumina,
  • C1,
  • C2,
  • C4,
  • C8,
  • C18,
  • CN,
  • DEAE,
  • Diol,
  • NH2,
  • MetalSep,
  • Phenyl,
  • Silica,
  • SAX,
  • SCX,
  • WAX and
  • WCX

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