Business Ethics

Our business ethics

We have defined for our company ethical standards and are persuaded, that long-term business relations can only be built on a trust relationship.

Developing local production to battle against counterfeiting medicines


A high percentage of medicines imported into Africa are susceptible to counterfeiting and pose a risk to the local population.
We are convinced that the most effective and beneficial way to combat this phenomenon is to develop local production. We do this in all the regions in which we operate.

Please contact us if you would also like to help to curb this situation.

Positive effects of local generic drug production

Local production of pharmaceuticals has – in addition to the eviction of counterfeit medicines – other positive repercussions.

The construction of local manufacturing companies has considerable socio-economic benefits.
In addition to the provision of quality medical treatment, it generates jobs in various sectors. This concept creates opportunities for the population of the concerned region.

Polypharma is your perfect partner for the establishment of generic drug production

If you are interested to bring unique pharmaceutical procurement to your country by developing an insufficient or non-existent local production, we are the appropriate interlocutor. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our commitment

Even in times of crisis Polypharma strives to maintain the supply of pharmaceutical raw materials in order to guarantee the production of medicines. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pharmaceutical innovations

The market for pharmaceuticals is constantly evolving through intensive and continuous research for new molecules and new treatments. We are also looking for innovations and check their feasibility and effectiveness in order to offer our partners new generation pharmaceutical dossiers.

Compliance with the REACH Regulation

We apply the following REACH regulation:

  • Traceability of products in the supply chain
  • Checking the safety data sheets according to REACH and making them available

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