Project planning

Your partner at service of your project planning

We support our partners according to their equipment, in all stages related to the development and production of generics. This encompasses:

  • market analyses
  • feasibility studies
  • advice on the product range to be manufactured
  • technology transfer of the manufacturing and analytical process
  • supply of raw materials for the production of validation and industrial batches
  • the supply of reference substances and reagents required at the analytical level
  • the supply of HPLC columns

Market analysis

A detailed market analysis is essential in project planning as the choice of generic drugs will be based on the market needs and the feasibility of the project.

It is fundamental to determine:

  • widespread diseases
  • existing drugs on the market
  • lack of necessary pharmaceuticals
  • the existence of local production
  • the supply and distribution system
  • the price level
  • estimation of growth rate

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