Project planning

Your partner at service of your project planning

We support our partners according to their equipment, in all stages related to the development and production of generics. This encompasses:

  • market analyses
  • feasibility studies
  • advice on the product range to be manufactured
  • technology transfer of the manufacturing and analytical process
  • supply of raw materials for the production of validation and industrial batches
  • the supply of reference substances and reagents required at the analytical level
  • the supply of HPLC columns

Market analysis

A detailed market analysis is essential in project planning as the choice of generic drugs will be based on the market needs and the feasibility of the project.

It is fundamental to determine:

Based on Polypharma’s experience in the MENA region, the team can advise you on the above issues and work closely with you to determine the appropriate dossiers for your portfolio.


Feasibility studies as the key to success

Polypharma offers its partners in the MENA countries, as well as in East and West Africa, comprehensive and professionally conducted feasibility studies to secure the basis for years of sales success.

The basis of every feasibility study is a detailed market analysis.


Focus on successful generic products

After examining the market analysis together, we agree on the economic feasibility:

  • Which products are profitable in the long term?
  • Which ones guarantee that the plant will be operational all year round?

Particularly interesting for local generic production are medicines for which there are often shortages on the market or delivery failures.

As part of a joint analysis, the price-performance ratio should be determined and market utilisation estimated – with reference to the relevant medicine.

Feasibility analyses include the investigation of the most important factors of the local generic market, the estimation of growth rates and assessment of the size of the market.


Technical feasibility is the key to production

The feasibility of production must be examined according to our technical dossiers.

For this phase of the project it is necessary to determine:

  • Which dosage forms can be produced with the existing production machines
  • Whether further equipment is required depending on the medicine or dosage, e.g. additional tablet punches
  • If the conditions for the production of special products are fulfilled or if an adjustment can be carried out

In case the previous points are satisfied, an examination for the procurable documentation takes place.

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