A market analysis is usually considered superfluous, here are a few reasons to change your mind:

  • Markets and customers, and/or the top 10 diseases are changing: A market analysis helps to uncover the sometimes slow, sometimes fast changes in the market and not to lose sight of them.
  • The market analysis method must be properly structured. What is the most expensive analysis if the right parameters are not recorded?
  • Expertise in healthcare. Any market analysis does not help you if you do not have anyone at your side who can filter out the Galenic forms and products that can be produced in your own production facility.
  • Once you know which products you can manufacture yourself on the market, by asking the right questions you can find out which products are interesting for you and help you to build up your company in a future-oriented and profitable or to reset the screws.

A market analysis, which gradually shows you results of several years, helps you to recognise which medicines are no longer in demand on the market and which medicines are on the rise instead.