Pharmacy Application Tips

Tips for your application to Polypharma

Take time with your application and convince us both in terms of form and in terms of content. A job interview represents an opportunity to present yourself, so advertise yourself!
Whether you seek to do an internship or training with us: Write down everything you have achieved so far and the languages you speak. Have you already completed an internship, had a side job or are you socially committed? Very good, we are also interested in that, and perhaps it will distinguish you from other applicants. Mention this on your resume. And if you have received a diploma or certificate in addition to the above, this should be included in your application.


For us, a complete application includes the following documents:

  • Individual cover letter, cover sheet
  • Tabular curriculum vitae
  • Copies of your last two school reports
  • Certificates (internships, jobs, etc.)

Please save all contents in one file (pdf) and order them as described above. You should arrange your certificates chronologically in the same way as your curriculum vitae, i.e. the more recent the certificate, the more interesting it is.


Letter of application

If you want to insert a photo, please remember that you are applying to a company. For this reason, please do not use photos that you would use in social media posts, such as holiday photos. It should look more like an ID photo.

The cover letter is the heart of your application. It has a simple structure:

The letterhead includes your address details with telephone number and email address.

Below is our address:

Polypharma Technologies & Sciences GmbH
FAO Personnel Department
Große Reichenstr. 27
20457 Hamburg

In the subject line please specify the position for which you are applying:

the internship and the start of the internship
the training as an import/export merchant as well as the start of the training, and, if necessary, the desired duration of the training

If you have already had contact with our company, feel free to mention that at the beginning. Then please tell us why you are interested in the internship or training and why you think you are particularly suitable for it. State your goals and wishes, and highlight your special skills and experiences. Think of a convincing answer to the question: Why do I want to do an internship or training at Polypharma in particular?
Complete the letter with a closing sentence and sign it. The cover letter should not exceed one page.

Curriculum vitae

The CV should be written in tabular form and should not exceed two pages.
It should contain the following points:

  • Personal information
  • School education (schools attended, school-leaving certificate)
  • Internships, jobs
  • Special knowledge (e.g. foreign languages, as well as knowledge of Excel and Word)
  • Hobbies / Interests
  • Place, date, signature

Your data should be listed chronologically and without gaps and should be documented with month and year numbers. The most recent event should appear at the top.

Now it only remains to wish you good luck!
If you are unsuccessful, please do not be discouraged. Polypharma has only one internship place each year and one training place every 2 to 3 years. Feel free to ask for feedback. Then you will know what you can do better for your next application.

Technologies & Sciences GmbH

Grosse Reichenstrasse 27
DE - 20457 Hamburg
+49 (0)40 37 480 3-0