Polypharma’s 30th anniversary

Next April Polypharma will have its 30th anniversary.

Much has been achieved during this period: development of a comprehensive  portfolio of human medicines, expansion of the generic portfolio to include veterinary medicine, support for the construction of local production facilities.

If you are interested in learning more about our corporate history, please consult our Milestones.


The most important objective since the company was founded remains:

To encourage local production in order to reduce drug imports in the MENA, East and West Africa regions and to combat counterfeiting

Why Polypharma cannot recommend its partners to package purchased bulk medicines

Many new customers find it interesting to pack already manufactured goods as a first step before producing their own medicines. Here are the reasons why Polypharma is against it:

  • From a pharmaceutical point of view, production and packaging in a GMP-compliant production line is the highest priority for the quality of the pharmaceuticals
  • Only with self-produced goods can you be 100% sure of the quality of the finished product
  • If the manufacturing process and subsequent packaging is interrupted, GMP-compliant goods cannot be guaranteed.
  • If finished pharmaceuticals are not packaged immediately after production, there is always the risk that they will be affected by fluctuations in humidity and temperature.
  • Bulk pharmaceuticals can be damaged during transport, resulting in a high level of loss of goods.
  • If you want to register bulk goods under your own name, you need a complete dossier, as well as all documentation of the active ingredient for registration with the local authority. It is questionable whether all necessary documentation can be obtained from the bulk producer.

Therefore, we recommend directly to produce your own production. If you would like further advice on this, please feel free to contact us.

Calcipotriol ointment developed

With this ointment Polypharma is also expanding its portfolio of dermatology products. A product extremely effective for the external treatment of psoriasis. This D3 derivative disrupts the growth and proliferation of keratinocytes and improves the disturbed cell separation.

High concentration drugs now injectable

The researchers designed a system that made it possible to inject highly concentrated drug formulations subcutaneously while reducing the required injection force, which exceeded what is possible with manual subcutaneous injection using a conventional syringe.

The impact of indoor air humidity content on Covid-19

Humidity levels of at least 40% in public buildings and public transport would not only reduce the impact of COVID-19, but also that of other viral diseases such as seasonal influenza. Authorities should incorporate the humidity factor into future guidelines for interiors.

Formulations that enhance bioavailability

It is useful to combine in vitro testing and in silico modelling to predict and understand the in vivo performance of formulations that improve bioavailability, resulting in a successful in vivo test for belinostat. The key factor for in vivo performance was determined to be dissolution in the stomach prior to transit in the proximal small intestine, as evidenced by in vitro data and in silico predictions.

Water Activity determination

Water activity (Aw) is a measure of the activity of free or unbound water that is available to participate in undesirable chemical, physical and biological reactions. Measurement of water activity at multiple time points during the product life cycle will be related to changes in critical quality attributes such as degradation of the active ingredient, changes in the rate of dissolution or disintegration and changes in physical properties such as hardness or friability. Controlling water content in oral solid dose products (OSD) and dry pharmaceutical products in general, is essential to maintain efficacy and safety.



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